Horisont Enterprises Ltd Oy was founded in 1990 as a marketing, importing and production company. The company’s product areas are; insect protection, garden, leisure, barbeques and toys. Horisont Enterprises owns the well-known Ötökkä trademark which is the leading brand in insect protection market in Finland. The products are designed and manufactured in Finland. 

The other brands that Horisont in representing in Finland include the Keter garden storage boxes and sheds and the Juwel garden products, including composters and laundry racks. A new product line includes the barbeque items which are sold under the Finnish brand Lucifer. Horisont is also the leading supplier of kindlings and natural lighting fluids. These products are partly developed by Horisont. In our growing outdoor line we have the Motivix leisure clothing brand. 

The main distribution occurs through central outlets, franchise outlets, department stores, service stations, speciality stores and mail ordering companies. 

The main goal of the company is to be able to produce added value to the client as well as to the consumer.Horisont Enterprises Ltd Oy is a family owned company that is creative, growing and future foresighting. As a well-established company Horisont belongs to the best AAA-group of companies.